Saturday, 17 January 2009

Paper Chef 36 Winner!

This was an interesting Paper Chef round!

While there may only have bee four entries, they were all very different, very unique, and very good. Which means judging a winner was very difficult.
As last month's winner I had the privilege of selecting three random ingredients from the nominated list, and a fourth of my own selection. After seeing what the random generator produced as the first three ingredients (Vanilla Pod, Dried Chili, & Barley) I thought I'd play it safe and chose what I hoped was a fairly neutral ingredient, Beef.

With those ingredients in mind, let me introduce the entries:
The first entry is Terry of Taste Adventures who created a Pepper Crusted London Broil With Chili-Vanilla Balsamic Cream and Chili-Avocado Barley Pilaf

Next up is Murasaki of Samurai Viking Cuisine, she came up with Barley Beef Spring Rolls with Cocoa Chili Vanilla Sauce .

The third entry is from Ilva of Lucullian Delights with her Barley and Chili Coated Beef Dice on a Barley and Vanilla Couscous Cake.

And finally there was my entry Chili Beef with Barley (obviously I can only take part in the People's Choice).

Like I said, four very different entries, which is part of the fun & pleasure of the Paper Chef - letting your mind run wild in the kitchen.

So who is the winner?
I'll start with the People's Choice: Murasaki of Samurai Viking Cuisine with her
Barley Beef Spring Rolls with Cocoa Chili Vanilla Sauce . Congratulations!

And my choice as winner of Paper Chef 36 is:
I'd like to say it was a three way tie, but i can't so congratulations to Terry of Taste Adventures with her Pepper Crusted London Broil With Chili-Vanilla Balsamic Cream and Chili-Avocado Barley Pilaf
. It was the Chili-Vanilla Balsamic Cream that grabbed my attention.
So don't be scared, be creative & see what you can create for the next Paper Chef.


Murasaki Shikibu said...

I'd like to thank everyone whoever you are....for voting for me...and would also like to congratulate Terry for winning this round of Paper Chef. :))

Seeing all the creativity flowing from all the participants was such a wonderful thing, since I really do like to believe that life is one big culinary adventure!

Last but not least I'd like to extend my thanks to the people who have kept this fun & creative event going. It not only pushes us to be innovative, but is a great way of getting to know other food bloggers.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

This was the trickiest one yet and I chickened out.
Big congratulations to these super four and the winners.

Mike said...

I guess that's why I like Paper Chef (& my partner hates it) is because you can get creative ans see what you can dream up :)

Terry said...

Wow, thank you! And congrats to Murasaki for winning the people's choice. That Cocoa Chili Vanilla Sauce sounded amazing. It's kind of funny that we both went for more "summery" dishes, but I got tired of all the heavy food over the holidays. I think I'm going to have to give those spring rolls a try.

Elra said...

All entries are delicious, I am sorry to miss the event. And congratulation for you Murasaki. YOur dish look absolutely delicious.