Thursday, 1 January 2009

January Paper Chef Ingredients!

What a hectic time of year!
Christmas, New Year's (also happens to be the anniversary of when I met my partner, Paul) & just when I think I can take a break, its now Paper Chef time!
MizD & Chopper Dave from Belly Timber selected me as the winner of the December 2008 Paper Chef. As winner I get to select one ingredient of my choice & 3 randomly selected ingredients as nominated on The Paper Chef.
There were almost 30 ingredients nominated, & the randomising generator selected the following 3:
Vanilla pod, 
Dried Chili, &
The fourth ingredient was one of my own choice:
Beef (any cut or type).
This is an interesting selection of ingredients, to say the least. So start thinking & cooking!
If you need to refresh yourself of the rules & regulations they are found here.
The deadline is midnight Wednesday 7th January in your time-zone. Remember to post your entry on your blog & send an email to
Non-bloggers who want to participate are also welcome. Simply send any email to the with the details (& photo) of your entry.
Good luck & good cooking!!


Tricia said...

beef and barley chili with .... vanilla pod? Oh my. This clearly requires some reflection.

Mike said...

That was my first reaction too! It will be interesting to see what everyone creates. :)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Oh gadfry, whatever can be done with that!! Where ever have I put my imagination . . . I must go find it . . .