Friday, 20 March 2009

Paper Chef 38 - The Winner is...

I'm late
I'm late
For a very important date...

If you're familiar with the rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland" well, that sums up my week. Hectic. Busy. Tiring.
But I've done it.
As last month's winner of
The Paper Chef, I've had the privilege & daunting task of selecting a winner. And it wasn't easy.
With four very interesting key ingredients, Figs, Mint, Anchovy & Polenta, I thought that there may be a scarcity of participants. But I was proven wrong... there were 9 eager participants with 11 very different recipes. Excluding myself as last months winner didn't make it any easier.
The contenders were:

I'll do the easy one first, The Peoples Choice Award goes to a first time participant:
Harini from
Cleanplatter with with Minty Mediterranean Croquettes
Congratulations on being select most popular.

And now the hard choice.
The winner of Paper Chef 38 as selected by an esteemed committee of one (me) is another first timer:

Adrienne from
Hungry Bruno with her Fig and Mint Meatballs with Anchovy Tomato sauce over Creamy Polenta.

Congratulations Adrienne
As winner Adrienne will be selecting the random ingredients, and her choice for the next challenge, and selecting the next winner.
So start submitting your ideas for ingredients to and challenge yourself.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Hip Hip Hooray to all the winners!

Laura said...

Congratulations Adrienne for being the winner and Harini for the people award!

Thanks Mike for hosting, it was fun to participate.