Sunday, 1 February 2009

White Salt, Pink Salt?

Yes, it's salt.
Yes, it's pink.

This pink salt comes from inland Australia. Its produced naturally from evaporated ground water that is high in mineral content & the colour comes from a salt tolerant algae which secretes carotene. We've started using this pink salt in our cooking & it does make a difference. Its not as harsh as your normal table salt and has a more delicate flavour.

And its also good for the environment by helping to reduce the salinity of the inland waterways.


Ilva said...

I just got a packet of Australian salt, Murray River Salt, but it is pale yellow with a faint pink tinge. It tastes very good, less salt and more flavour to it!

Mike said...

Hi Ilva,
Yes that is from the same area. I guess it may vary depending on what salt pan it evaporates in?